Furniture-making Instructor

Fedarko Furniture & Design owner Aaron Fedarko is a faculty member at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine.  He teaches beginning-, intermediate- and advanced-level furniture-making classes several times per year. Classes normally consist of 12 students. Skills taught include: furniture design and modeling, drafting, CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing, joinery techniques, traditional hand tool skills, machine tool skills, finishing and professional practices.

International Artisan Instructor

Aaron is a Spanish speaker and serves as an artisan instructor for GreenWood Global, a a non-profit organization that empowers indigenous, forest-based communities to support themselves through sustainable forestry practices, craftsmanship and product development in Honduras and Peru.

To view Aaron's profile on the GreenWood website, click here:  www.greenwoodglobal.org/mentors.php