The Chair Story

In the summer of 2012, Fedarko Furniture & Design owner Aaron Fedarko saw a need for a modular dining chair design and set about making it happen.

The design process began with sketches and then full-scale modeling. Aaron employed solid wood, plywood, cardboard, drywall screws and nearly every tool in the shop to test his ideas.

“Of all the furniture forms,” Aaron says, “chairs provide the greatest challenge. Because they are viewed from all angles, every detail matters. Chairs must be attractive, comfortable, lightweight and extremely strong. Arriving at a place where these factors intersect requires creativity, perseverance and perhaps just a bit of luck.”

The structural elements of his modular design – leg shapes, joinery angles – do not change from chair to chair, allowing for precise and efficient manufacturing. Aesthetic elements, however, do. Various wood types, from bone-white ash to dark walnut, offer an array of color choices. Soon, clients will be able to pick from a variety of seat and backrest shapes, sizes and upholstery options. Even the height of the chair can be changed to suit a client’s individual needs.

The result is a timeless design that plays well in both traditional and contemporary settings.

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