About Fedarko Furniture & Design

Fedarko Furniture & Design is a young, innovative furniture-making company located in downtown Rockland, Maine. Since 2007, owner/founder Aaron Fedarko has been combining a keen eye for design with traditional hand skills and precision machine technology to create furniture solutions that are unique, attractive and built to last.

"Most of our work is done on commission. We involve our clients directly in a collaborative design process and take great pride in these relationships. Of course, we also enjoy our time back in the shop, bringing furniture ideas to life."

The company also designs and produces limited-edition production pieces. One example is their new dining chair – a flexible, modular design where the basic chassis remains the same while the aesthetic elements (seat, backrest, upholstery, wood type, height) are adapted to suit individual client needs.

Each piece of furniture is individually made with close attention to detail. To ensure precision, computer-aided design (CAD) is used for shop drawings. Machine technology is employed where appropriate. All joint fitting, final shaping and finishing details are done by hand, ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship in every piece.

Built to last – into the next generation and beyond.