Design Process

Collaborative Design Process

A custom-designed piece of furniture is made for you, so you get to be part of the design process and the growing story of Fedarko Furniture & Design. Our step-by-step collaborative design process ensures satisfaction with the final product.

Step 1 - Initial Meeting: Each engagement begins with a face-to-face meeting or phone discussion. Ideally, this meeting is held at the client’s home or location where we can view the final furniture location. Measurements are taken and design options are discussed.

Step 2 - Design Sketches and Proposal: After the initial meeting, we produce several design sketches and a detailed price proposal. A second meeting is held to discuss the proposal and fine tune design details. The fee for this service is normally $150*.

Step 3 - Modeling: Once a design has been selected and refined, we normally create a full-scale cardboard model. The model is delivered to the client and used to fine tune size and proportions. In cases where full-scale model production and delivery are impractical, a smaller scale model and digital photos are used. The fee for this service is normally $200*.

Step 4: Final Design/Build Agreement: Our agreement includes final design details, price and estimated shipment date.

* Design proposal and modeling fees are non-refundable. However, these fees do serve as credits toward the final furniture price.